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Havard & Associates, Inc. - [email protected] -
Makers of Custom Pins, Key Chains, Charms, Challenge Coins, and other collectibles

Havard & Associates Inc. has been in the Pin & Collectible business for over 12 years.  We started designing Awareness Ribbon pins in 2001 when my wife,a cancer survivor, said she proud to be a SURVIVOR of cancer and wanted people to know that she was a survivors.  She always felt that if she wore a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pin, people would know that she had cancer and that she was willing to talk about it and available to people who had questions.  After designing her Survivor pin, her sons and sisters wanted to wear a pin showing that they were supporting Agnes.  I realized that cancer was not only a disease, it was my wife, someone whose family loved and wanted to support. This was the beginning of our line of PUT A NAME ON CANCER awareness ribbon pins.  

In addition to a complete line of Awareness products we carry many other pins that we either designed ourselves or helped others design.  

Our main business is Custom Collectible Products.  We are a factory direct manufacturer of pins, keychain, charms, challenge coins, and many other products. Our customers range from local fire & police departments, museums, charity organizations, and souvenir establishments throughout the United States,  Our are very high quality products.  We offer free design assistance